SmartCentres And CentreCourt’s Top Producer Amalfi Trip For Transit City

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It was such an honour for us to be included in SmartCentres and CentreCourt’s Top Producer trip for Transit City, which brought us to the stunning and scenic Amalfi Coast. The incredibly planned trip for the top sellers of the developer’s three Transit City buildings involved a lot of food, sightseeing and, most importantly, educational and inspiring conversation.

The developer achieved the perfect balance of planned activity and free time with a carefully planned itinerary that ensured all top producers would experience the best mixture of work and play.

Over the course of the trip a lot was discussed about the developer’s successful Transit City project, and the future of the pre-construction development industry. After five days of networking, learning, seeing and working, we took a lot away about the industry and its exciting future.

From informative dinners to group tours, here’s what we did in Italy with SmartCentres And CentreCourt:

Our trip started a few days earlier to settle in, experience Rome with our friends and coworkers, before the exciting festivities planned by SmartCentre and CentreCourt in Amalfi  -- we had a full five days of planned activities in store, starting Monday.



After meeting up with the group, we were settled in at our hotel around 2 pm. We were able to enjoy free time for the rest of the afternoon, until we all reconvened for a special welcome reception dinner back at the hotel.


The developers provided us with the option of a leisurely breakfast at the hotel in the morning, then from 9 am to 7 pm we had the whole day at our fingertips to explore and experience all the culture Italy has to offer. During the day while roaming the land, we also had the option to enjoy a fun and informative lunch hosted by CentreCourt at the hotel. Thanks to the concierge at the front desk, we also had a ton of food suggestions to choose from for our dinner with all of our friends and co-workers!


Not even weather can get in the way of an Italian adventure, which is why our quick itinerary change -- switching our Wednesday and Thursday plans -- made sure nothing got in the way of enjoying our day!  We all got to pick between a tour of Pompeii, or Positano -- we could also opt for a leisure day out.

We ended up touring the fascinating, historical site of Pompeii all afternoon, learning about way of life, the foundation and the fascinating past and present of the city. After an hour of free time post tour, we enjoyed a delicious Italian group dinner at Torre Normanna.


Our last full day started with a mandatory breakfast at the hotel, before a fun day out. Breakfast at the hotel was bright and early and was followed up by an exciting day trip --- a Yacht sail to the breathtakingly beautiful Capri. There, we visited Blue Grotto and had a delicious planned group lunch at Il Geronia.

We had the opportunity to choose between spending the afternoon at a beach club, or a scenic walking tour -- two equally exciting activities, but we ultimately opted for a stunning walking tour of the mountain. By 7:30 we were on our way back to Amalfi, where we had dinner on our own, spending quality time with the other event guests.


Friday: After a long, busy, educational and fun filled trip, we enjoyed a breakfast at the hotel and headed back to the airport for 12:50 to return home. We couldn't wait to tell everyone about of our fun adventures in Italy!



About Transit City:

Transit City 1, 2 and 3 are all towers part of the expansive SmartCentres Place, a Vaughan master-planned community around the central Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Developed by SmartREIT and CentreCourt Inc. The community is anticipated to turn the site of parking lots and big-box stores into 17-million-square feet of residential, commercial and retail space.

Transit City, the first tower in the community is also Vaughan's largest at 55 storeys. This community is only in its starting stages, even with so many accomplishments already under its belt -- we’re just proud to be part of the start of something great and can’t wait to see what else the developers have in store for the flourishing development.