7 Developments To Get Excited For Around The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Developments

It’s no secret that developers and their projects go where the subway stations are -- and for good reason. People want to live near transit for seamless travel to their day-to-day destination whether that be school, or work. Naturally, with the arrival of the expansive Vaughan Metropolitan subway station comes a variety of residential options.

Truth be told, these projects are all part of expansive master-plan communities around the station like Expo Condos and SmartCentres Place -- because what a better place to build a neighbourhood than by a subway stop? These communities are creating opportunity for residents to not only have everything at their fingertips, but to have all that the city has to offer at their fingertips.

Now more than ever investors and residents are realizing that there is something special about living in a calm, quiet area removed from the bustling city -- while also having easy access to its energetic core. This is why the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the perfect place to live by -- it’s a community on its own, but also makes it easy to travel into the city for school, work and social engagements.

These are the developments around the VMC that you’re going to want to keep an eye on:


CG Tower

EXPO Condos Phase 5

  • Address: 2920 Hwy 7, Vaughan, ON L4K
  • Walking Distance: 3 Minutes
  • Units: N/A
  • Storeys: 60
  • Developer: Cortel Group
  • Occupancy Date: 2021

What We Like: This phase in the expansive Expo City master-planned community is a grandiose 60 storey tower. This addition boasts a unique rustic yet modern exterior, complete with red-brick paneling and a stacked design.


Transit City Condos

Transit City Condos

What We Like: This first phase in the impending SmartCentres place master-planned community is expansive on its own. The project is slated to have 550 units, of which residents and investors will be able to choose from one, two and three-bedroom suites. We love the variety of suite sizes that ensure adaptability to all lifestyles.


Transit City 2

transit city 2

What We Like: Complete with a landscaped terrace and world class amenities like a lavish business lounge, it seems as though every phase of this community is equally outstanding and is expanding expertly to fit the urbanizing neighbourhood.


Transit City 3

transit city 3

What We Like: Progress and connection are the themes of Transit City that are representative of the plans for each and every phase of the community. Like the prior phases, the tower will stand at 55 storeys and follows the trend of adding a couple units, housing 592 units.


Nord East Condos

nord east

  • Address: York Regional Rd 7, Vaughan, ON
  • Walking Distance: 3 Minutes
  • Units: N/A
  • Storeys: 38
  • Developer: Cortel Group
  • Occupancy Date: 2022

What We Like: This glamorous high-rise is the perfect addition to the Expo City master-planned community. The tower is one of five slated for the wide-reaching project, and stands at 38 storeys.


Nord West Condos

nord west

  • Address: 2920 Highway 7, Vaughan, ON M5V 1H2
  • Walking Distance: 3 Minutes
  • Units: 415
  • Storeys: 37
  • Developer: Cortel Group
  • Occupancy Date: 2022

What We Like: Another addition to the Expo City master-planned community at Highway 7 and Credistone Road, this high-rise stands 37 storeys. We love this contemporary development, and are sure it’s going to be a fitting addition to the community.


Highway 7 & Jane Condos

Highway 7 & Jane Condos

  • Address: Jane St & Hwy 7, Vaughan, ON
  • Walking Distance: 3 Minutes
  • Units: 417
  • Storeys: 40
  • Developer: Gold Park Homes
  • Occupancy Date: TBA

What We Like: One of few developments around the VMC to not be part of a master-planned community, this project will see the rise of two towers. Proposed for the corner of Highway 7 and Jane Street, the building will be not only steps away from the subway station, but from local amenities like Cineplex Vaughan, Costco, and IKEA among others.